ID Cards

At LCAD, your ID card is also an electronic key fob – we combined ID card and key fob for user convenience.

Your LCAD ID is needed any time you are on campus.

Your LCAD ID is required for access to campus studios, checking out library books, and utilizing various other campus resources.

This is what an LCAD ID card looks like.


What if I lose my ID card?

If you lose your LCAD ID card, make sure you let us know as quickly as possible! An LCAD ID card permits you access to the campuses and classrooms – if someone gets your card, they get access to the campus.

To request a new Student ID, e-mail and be sure to attach a photo. The cost to replace a lost ID is $10 and should be paid when you pick up the ID at the Main Campus Reception desk.

Please feel free to contact LCAD IT by emailing The more detailed your submission the more quickly we can assist you.