Parking Passes: All LCAD Students, Faculty and Staff must register their car!

Below is a direct link to LCAD’s Car Registration. Please follow the link, fill out the appropriate information and then come by the Main Campus Reception desk to pick up your pass.
This pass should be hung from your rear view mirror. Please read the instructions on the back of your pass for more information. If you would lose your pass, there is a $5.00 replacement fee.

Designated student parking is available at Big Bend in the main parking lot and along the one-way road behind the building. All designated student parking spaces are unmarked. If you park in an unauthorized space your car could possibly be towed.  Do not park in spots labeled TWL, LCAD Guest or LCAD Faculty on the Big Bend Campus.

Full-Time Staff are permitted to park in the back parking lot behind Studio 12.  
Students, Faculty, and Part-Time staff may park in the main parking lot, as well as the 2 spaces in front of the administration building in front of the Gallery and the dirt area at the end of the parking lot near the “tow truck”. Parking along a red curb is illegal. If you choose to park in an “unmarked” space, you will be held responsible for city enforced parking citations and may be towed.

If the main campus parking lot is full, it is recommended that you park across Laguna Canyon Road at our East Campus. Parking in front of the chain link fence is permitted for those with an LCAD parking permit.


Parking at the South Campus is for Residence Hall residents only. You must have a special sticker on your LCAD parking pass indicating you are a Resident. Parking is located in front of 787 Laguna Canyon Road in spaces that are marked with a green square. The other parking in that lot is for other businesses and LCAD residents are not permitted to park in those spaces at any time. There are additional parking spaces directly behind the Residence Hall. The City of Laguna Beach has an agreement with LCAD to not monitor the Frontage Road parking meters Monday – Friday beginning September 3, 2019 – June 1, 2020. The City will enforce all parking meter requirements on weekends and holidays during this period of time.

LCAD Parking Permit Release Form

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