Off Campus Housing

Laguna College of Art + Design is here to help you make a smooth transition to college and assist in finding off-campus housing. The Off-Campus Housing Guide provides tips and resources to ensure your rented room or apartment fits your needs such as price and proximity to school.


Students looking for off-campus housing are invited to join the private LCAD Off-Campus Housing Facebook page. Members are able to correspond with other students to rent an apartment/shared space or review private lessor listings in Laguna Beach and surrounding communities.


All information regarding Off-Campus Housing should be carefully assessed before making legal commitments. Any references made from the LCAD Off-Campus Housing Facebook group, lessor lists or roommate lists, does not constitute any type of legal obligation by the college, including faculty, staff and students. All off-campus housing information posted or shared by the institution is done so for informational purposes only and the LCAD takes no responsibility for any legal contracts or agreements made or implied. All legal issues resulting or pertaining to student housing are the sole responsibility of the tenant(s) and the landlord.

Any information provided, given or submitted by all users is done so voluntarily and the college is not responsible for the information, its association or use. We encourage all users to be cautious and safe when providing their information to any third party individual, business or organization. LCAD does not evaluate, provide representation, warranty nor imply the suitability or safety related to any off campus housing property, landlord, management, realtor, student or any other individual or organization associated with off-campus housing.

LCAD Off Campus Housing Guide

Send questions or concerns regarding off-campus housing options to the Office of Student Life via