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LCAD Residence Hall at South Campus

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The LCAD Residence Hall provides communal living in a small apartment complex. Roommates and units are assigned based on resident needs, shared interests, and other preferences that may encourage an easier transition into a shared living arrangement.

Located at 787 Laguna Canyon Road, the hall accommodates up to 56 students, is only 3/4 of a mile from LCAD’s historic Main Campus and walking distance to downtown Laguna Beach’s shopping, dining, and beachside boardwalk.

Assigned roommates are encouraged to coordinate cleaning, grocery buying/sharing, cooking, decorating, carpooling, and frequency of guests. Living in a residence hall strengthens life skills such as adaptation, transition, and compromise. Residents are expected to maintain the highest level of conduct and mutual respect. Failure to comply with LCAD Residence Life policies will result in removal from the housing program without compensation or refund.

2020-2021 Residence Life Team

 Nicole Drost

About me: Hi, my name is Nicole and I am the Resident Manager, as well as the Student Life Assistant here at LCAD. I am fairly new to LCAD, and have been working here since the beginning of the 2020 year. I am excited to build positive relationships with the students here and I hope to promote an inclusive and safe environment for everyone. Please feel free to come to me for support, concerns, or anything else you may need assistance with!


Ellen Kenneda

Ellen Kenneda (RA Photo)

About Me: Hello! I’m Ellen Kenneda, a Junior in Illustration w/ Entertainment Emphasis. My focus is on Character Design and Story and I would love to work for Marvel, a smaller indie company, or freelance until I can focus on my own webcomics and stories. In my first year of being a Resident Advisor, one of the most enjoyable aspects is getting to know the residents! I hope you enjoy it at LCAD as much as I do!


Noah Alonzo

Noah Alonzo

Hey! My name is Noah and I’m majoring in Game Art. I enjoy reading, playing piano, and creating art. My secret skills include multiple perfect scores on Just Dance 3, a mile time under five minutes, and an encyclopedic knowledge of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I’m always down to play Super Smash Bros (even though I suck), and look forward to meeting you all!


Contact Us:

Office of Student Life

(949) 376-6000 ext. 235

Laguna College of Art + Design

LCAD Residence Hall

2222 Laguna Canyon Road

Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Residence Life Handbook + Housing Agreement 2020-2021

Residence Hall Maintenance Requests

Residents must send ALL Residence Hall maintenance requests to with the following information:

Subject Line: Residence Hall Maintenance Request (List Unit Number)

Body of email:

  • Name
  • Issue/Needed Repair
  • Brief Description
  • Upload a photo of Issue/Needed Repair


Disclaimer: Residents are responsible for keeping their apartments clean and reporting any necessary repairs. If your suite requires repair, contact LCAD Maintenance via with necessary repair information. In the event that maintenance personnel need to enter your suite, they will knock on your door and announce themselves prior to entering. If you request a maintenance service, please notify your roommates to expect a visit from the maintenance team. With the exception of emergency maintenance requests, building maintenance will resolve requests during normal business hours. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m., with the exception of federal or school holidays. Non-emergency weekend maintenance requests will be addressed the following business week.

Right to Enter: The College reserves the right to enter the premises occupied by a resident for the purposes of emergency, health, safety, maintenance, management of applicable rules and regulations, or for any other lawful purpose. It is the intention of the college to exercise these rights reasonably and with respect for the resident’s right to be free from unreasonable searches and intrusions.


Overnight Guest Request Form