Student Organizations



In order to become a student organization, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Find a group of 5 or more students who are interested in the same activity
  • Find a faculty or staff member to be the Student Organization Advisor
  • Complete the following required forms and submit via → Student Life → Student Organizations
    1. Student Organization Registration Form w/ completed Student Org Constitution (Click Here)
    2. Student Organization Advisor Agreement (Click Here)


Important Documents:



The Office of Student Life offers open registration throughout the academic year with the exception of the Summer semester. Organizations may apply for registration during the Fall and Spring semesters via Email and/or paper submissions of the Student Organization Registration Form will not be accepted. Contact the Office of Student Life via for questions about registration.

Upon completion and approval, a student organization’s registration is valid for one academic year. Student organizations receive a Registration Confirmation email noting important resources, guidelines, and policies. Student organizations are required to send a representative and advisor to a Student Org Intake Meeting within one month of earning registration.